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Virtual Office
July 16, 2009
   Today’s business person is often a frequent traveler.  In addition, business now utilize new work models that incorporate using employees part-time, those working from home, those pregnant or injured, or those located distant from the office.  Most companies realize that just providing a cell phone and a notepad is no longer sufficient to meet the needs of out of the office workers.  For this reason, Platinum ITS has created a “virtual office” solution whereby staff located out of the office have access to virtually all the resources of those in the office.  These resources include:
  • Access to the internet
  • Access to e-mail
  • Access to electronic address books
  • Access to shared company files
  • Access to electronic calendars and meeting information
  • Access to faxes both incoming and outgoing
  • Receive phone calls generated from dialing their office extension
  • Access to voice mail from pc or phone.
   These solutions can be implemented at reasonable costs and greatly increase worker productivity, and best of all they can be made available to your staff from most locations world wide.  Contact Platinum ITS today to learn how to “virtualize“ your staff and office!

•GE •Hospitals & Health Care Providers
•New York State Agencies •Nextel •Legal
•Retail •Dental •Real Estate •Education