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Remote Assistance
October 24, 2010
   Shhhh!  Most IT companies, our competitors, don’t want you to know about this technology.  Why?  It saves you both time and money.  You see, most IT solution providers love to charge you by the hour, with a minimum of 1 hour billable time, even if the visit or call is five minutes.  Not Platinum ITS!  They also love to charge for driving time.  We have some rural clients that are far from any IT offices.  One previous solution provider loved to charge two hours driving time to get there and two hours to return home, often for short visits under one hour.  Not only is this unbelievable, we find it unethical.
   Today’s technology allows for remote assistance, securely over the internet. Costly to implement? No way! Remote assistance is already built into Microsoft operating systems as well as other remote assistant technologies.. What is remote assistance?  This is a technology that allows Platinum ITS to support your pcs and network from our support centers.  This means that 99.5% of the time, we don’t need to drive there or schedule appointments to come onsite.  You get IMMEDIATE support and are billed less as a result of convenience. This increases client satisfaction and makes our job easier as well. Platinum ITS supports networks and clients all over the world with this technology. Contact Platinum ITS today to see how it can help you!

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