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Long Range Wireless
July 16, 2009
   Wireless technology has come a long way in the past few years, providing solutions to problems that previously were deemed impossible to do or too expensive to execute. Many companies or government agencies have locations with multiple buildings or sites. This is often true in school districts, campus scenarios, or in manufacturing areas. From time to time, there is a need to provide network or internet access to a building far from another building that has the central demarcation point, or to a location far from a road or location where internet is accessible. Platinum ITS has been providing solutions for these challenges for several years now.
Why use wireless?
  • In metropolitan areas, it may be impossible to run fiber or copper across an area to another building.
  • It may be impossible to trench or run cabling underground in wet areas, in impassable terrain or across roads.
  • You may have line of site from location to location but the two locations are separated by property not under your ownership.
  • You want to avoid costly running of cables over great distances.
  • You want to avoid costly equipment on both sides.

  • What situations exist where you may want to use this technology?
  • Connecting a building or buildings within a few miles of each other that have a clear line of site.
  • Where you want to pay hundreds of dollars for a solution where other solutions are many thousands of dollars.
  • Where 108 megabit transfer rates or less are acceptable.

Wireless is almost never affected by adverse weather and is completely reliable. Call Platinum ITS today to discuss your special connectivity needs!

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