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Electronic Video Security
July 16, 2009
   More and more of our clients are concerned about security, both from an IT perspective and a physical location perspective.  Businesses lose millions every year due to theft or loss of business productivity.  Clients approach Platinum ITS to learn about solutions on how to reduce or eliminate these types of problems. 
   Partnering with professional investigative agencies and companies that specialize in installing security related technologies, Platinum ITS now offers a way for clients to view and record real-time live video feeds.  Today’s PCs and server based DVRs (digital video recorders) now record high quality video feeds over lengthy periods of time.  No more old fashioned tapes or archaic systems requiring tons of storage media and space!  Today’s technologies offer instant playback from specific locations at specific times through easy to use Microsoft Windows based systems.  Platinum ITS adds another layer to the security model, allowing clients to view their offices, cameras and personnel via web based and proprietary software based systems that can securely (via SSL or VPN) be accessed from anywhere in the world.  Systems can be installed in covert locations so employees or retail locations can be monitored, helping clients protect and manage their investments and businesses.  Contact Platinum ITS today to learn more about this impressive use of technology.

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