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Computer Forensics
July 16, 2009
   Platinum ITS is now partnered with private and corporate investigative companies. Platinum ITS presently offers computer forensics and other related services that help investigators obtain digital information that can potentially be used in court or for prosecution. Computer forensics is more than just technology, it is the science of using tools and methodologies that are forensically sound and acceptable in court as part of an investigation. We treat every case as if it were going to be used in litigation. It is critical that we, the computer forensics investigator, understand the legalities surrounding the capture of electronic evidence.
   Some examples of these technologies are: recovering deleted files, accessing email correspondence, cracking passwords, evaluating and identifying internet usage, logging keystrokes, and storage mirroring. Applications include: monitoring and presenting information regarding employee's internet usage (pornography and other restricted sites defined by company policy), proving theft of company electronic data, inappropriate electronic communication, presenting data of illegal electronic activities, and obtaining proof of spousal or partner infidelity.

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