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Backup Your Data - Cheap & Easy!
June 1, 2010
   Don’t lose your critical data! PC hard drive crashes, accidents, virus’ and disasters happen all too often. Whether you have important company files on your work PC or irreplaceable personal files at home, its important to back up this information regularly.  Most companies backup their servers, but few backup the PCs.  Its good policy to store documents on the server so they get backed up.  But for laptop users who store files locally, and everyone else, who normally store IE favorites, email and other important information on their hard drive, these items are often forgotten.
   Platinum ITS recommends a variety of effective solutions.  USB or external SATA backup is fast, cheap and easy. All recent Microsoft Operating Systems come with Windows Backup which you can use to backup these important files.  And external USB hard drives, SATA drives and thumb drives are fairly inexpensive.  Don’t forget to use Windows Scheduled Task Manager to schedule the backup to run daily or weekly.  Monitor backup reports and progress from time to time to verify they are running correctly.
   External drives allow for immediate restore as well.  No need to wait forever to forward and rewind tapes in tapes based systems that cost ten to fifty times more for 1/10th the amount of backup space.  And external drive backup is just as fast or faster then most tape solutions.  You don’t need to swaps tapes everyday either.  USB/eSATA backup is a great solution for both residential and corporate applications.  Need help implementing this solution?  Call Platinum ITS today. We will even monitor your backup on a periodic basis for you!

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